Colour Creates Light:
A Diaspora in Four Films

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Tim Weiner
Jo Weiss
David Mirvish
Sheila Arnopoulos
Wayne and Mei-Ling Taylor
George and Andrea Pearlman
Carl Stallmann
Zephyr Basine
Louise Dickey Pinkow
Ellen Dissanayake
Berta Walker
John Burbank
Brian and Liddy Hubbell
Robert and Satu Troyer
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Joshua Prager
Sarah M. Anderson
Margaret Kerr Richenburg
Lynn Sackville
Judith Brand

Sandra Cisneros
Lawrence Brissenden
Susan Flint Rajkumar
Tricia Halloran
Nadine Dinshaw
Lisa Johnson
Marnie Rosner
Hugh Bareiss
Leslie Fry
Louis Postel
Charles Young
Chip Hedler
David Zahn
James Yohe
Benita Sanders
Nathaniel Hesse
Martha Hayden
Mimi Plumb
Michael Lasell
Harriet Power